The quarries

Modifica I nostri bacini marmiferi
The marble quarries of Carrara is the largest district mining of marble in the world. MarmiCarrara extracts in the basins of Campanili, Belgia, Lorano, Gioia, and Calocara Canalgrande. Retrieved first by the Etruscans and then the Romans over 2000 years ago, the Carrara marble has been used for centuries forged by the tastes and culture of different periods. Then used in the most prestigious projects all over the world, continues to do today his story and that is all landmark and pride.
Valuable Statuario Belgia and its beautiful variant Calacata Belgia come from this quarry. Valuable and sophisticated.
This quarry yields Bianco Carrara C Classic, Bianco Carrara C/D and Nuvolato Apuano marble.
A high amount of Bianco comes from the Campanili quarry, from which the material takes its name: Bianco Campanili.
A generous producer of such materials as: Venato Gioia, Brouillé, Venié Brouillé.
It produces Bianco Carrara C and Bianco Carrara C/D, which, because of their even shade and texture, are widely used in large-scale projects.
This quarry in co-ownership produces Cremo Delicato